5/6/2010: Banner Pictures For Upcoming Dutch Lions v. Cincinnati Kings Game

Thursday, May 6, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

We now have four large banners. I'll be posting some pictures of the two stick banners I'm making tomorrow. Were also looking into buying some flags for the Cleveland Internationals game the following week. WE WILL BE IN THE VISITORS SIDE IN THE CORNER AT BELLBROOK'S MIAMI VALLEY SOUTH STADIUM THIS SATURDAY TO CHEER ON OUR BOYS AGAINST THE CINCINNATI KINGS. PLEASE JOIN US, AS WE TRY TO BUILD AN AWESOME ATMOSPHERE.

Also we may meet at McIntosh's down the road a couple of hours before the 7:30 kickoff to grab some pints together. I'll have more details tomorrow if that's going to happen.

**I'll also be posting a weekly podcast, with quotes from players, as a weekly preview to our games so watch out for that tomorrow night.


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