5/14/2010: Orange Legion Supporters Deals & Other Updates

Friday, May 14, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

**I'm trying to work out some deals. We have a few fans in our Orange Legion who are going to Crew games because they already have half game packs with them. But, the Chivas game is a game where you can switch it out for another date with the Crew. So, we offered some Dayton fans free tickets if they're rowdy and will sit in the Orange Legion section this week instead. I've given away 8, I can give out a few more, as I'm trying to get people in that section to see how much fun it is and then they'll hopefully stick around. If your rowdy or debating on which game to go to, I have the authority to give out a few more. Contact me at theorangelegionnaire@live.com.

**Also, our next home game is a Wednesday game on May 26th at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday games are a tougher sale than weekend games for any team. So, I'm floating the idea of a free supporters or extremely discounted ticket for supporters in The Orange Legion for that game. The team has done this with some kid's groups, so I also want to do it for the crowd we have over there for one game to get people in there. I'll likely make a voucher to put on my website or forum that Orange Legion supporters can print out and present at the ticket booth, as I just want rowdy fans over there.

**We will have 6 two stick banners and a banner behind the section as well. I also have about 10 light & safe smoke bombs that we may light all at the same time when the Dutch Lions score.

**I made a flier for us. I can't get it out to everyone with free printing today. But, we'll put them up starting next Monday (about 5-10 of us will do this) at bars around town and other places where college types hang out. I figure this along with the possibility of free or discounted tickets for the supporters for the Wednesday game should help us out tremendously. Better weather for this week will too!

**Also we got a rowdy group of 8 this week with an extra drum (the guys on the drums in the first video too) and a group of 6 Dutch pilots that should get us bouncing over there this week. I hope for a group of 50, heck even more would be better this week; as this is a very important game as our first U.S. Open Cup qualifier.

**I'm also looking for a deal for our supporters on scarves. Supporters in the Orange Legion will get scarves for $12 bucks instead of $15. This is because I want and the management wants the Legion to hold up their scarves when the team comes over for an ovation after the game.

Go Lions! Cheers


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