5/18/2010: Supporters Tickets Free For Orange Legion, Discounted For Crew Fans For Next Wednesday

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

The Orange Legion is getting their tickets for free on the Wednesday game on May 26th. We'll also have discounted tickets for $4 dollars for Crew fans of the Nordecke (or any Crew fans) for this game if they want to sit in The Orange Legion; As Columbus does not have a game that Wednesday. I'm working on a voucher for Orange Legion fans that will be on this website or forum. I'll also post something in the Crew's Bigsoccer Forum or on my Crew website.

I may also just do this by email, to make sure that these are only people looking to create an atmosphere in our section. So, if you want a free or discounted ticket, hit up my email right away at theorangelegionnaire@live.com or look around for a voucher on here or bigsoccer that you can print.


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