5/10/2010: Dutch Lions Opener Does Not Count Towards U.S. Open Cup Qualification

Sunday, May 9, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

Julius Wille put the Lions up 2-0 halfway through the first half, at that point the Dutch Lions must have thought they were on their way to a route. But, scrappy Cincinnati battled back (Picture by Jacq Roos).

The Dutch Lions entertained in a beautiful tie, but as Head Coach Sonny Silooy stated pre-game to The Orange Legionnaire I rather have "an ugly win." Luckily, the Dutch Lions got a mulligan for the Open Cup, as next week's Cleveland Internationals game will be the first one to count instead.

That's according the TheCup.US, who do not have last night's Dayton Dutch Lions home opener against the Cincinnati Kings highlighted as a fixture that will count for U.S. Open Cup qualification. Instead the following games will count (Dutch Lions games highlighted in bold):

May 15 Cleveland Internationals at Dayton Dutch Lions 7:30
May 18 Indiana Invaders at Cincinnati Kings 7:30
May 19 Michigan Bucks at Cleveland Internationals 7:00
May 19 Kalamazoo Outrage at Chicago Fire 7:00
May 22 Chicago Fire at Indiana Invaders 7:30
May 22 Cleveland Internationals at Cincinnati Kings 7:30
May 22 Dayton Dutch Lions at Michigan Bucks 7:30
May 25 Cincinnati Kings at Chicago Fire 7:00
May 25 Michigan Bucks at Kalamazoo Outrage 7:30
May 26 Indiana Invaders at Dayton Dutch Lions 7:00
May 29 Cincinnati Kings at Michigan Bucks 3:00
May 29 Dayton Dutch Lions at Kalamazoo Outrage 7:30
May 29 Chicago Fire at Cleveland Internationals 7:30
May 31 Kalamazoo Outrage at Indiana Invaders 7:30

The Dutch Lions will welcome this news as they dropped 2-0 and 3-1 leads late as the Cincinnati Kings scored all three of their goals in the last 17 minutes of the game. There was obvious frustration from the Dutch Lion players after the game, all of them are great competitors and did not take the defensive breakdown at the end all too well.

The Dutch Lions deserved more from last night's game as they had about 70% percent of the possession and each of their shots were good opportunities. In comparison, I counted about four good opportunities for the Cincinnati Kings all game and kudos to them for converting on three of those four near the end of last night's game.

I'll have more of a breakdown on yesterday's game early tomorrow, as well as a breakdown of what's going on in The Orange Legion this week; As I'm looking to make twice the ammount of banners and get some guerilla marketing around Dayton going, to hopefully build our group up more for a very important game this next weekend. I want to get the people in there, I want to go to MacIntosh's before this week, and I want to hand out some fliers. I want to get things more organized. So if I aim high on tasks, hopefully I can hit half of them or more (especially since I have no finals or hopefully no car trouble this week) so I should have more time to get everything done to get better support over there.



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