5/24/2010: Free Orange Legion and Discounted Crew Supporters Ticket Vouchers For Wednesday

Sunday, May 23, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

As a part of Chipotle Group Night there will be free tickets for those Orange Legion supporters who have showed up strong on the far side of the stadium all season and also there will be discounted $4 dollar tickets for Crew supporters of the Nordecke, as we would like them to join us when a Crew game isn't going on and vice-versa. In a way it would be sort of an information sharing sort of thing between supporters, just as the Dutch Lions and the Crew have an information sharing relationship between their teams.

Ticket voucher directions:
1. Email us at theorangelegionnaire@live.com. If we know you from the Orange Legion or the Nordecke you'll get the discount right away, if we don't know you, you'll have to give us some details about your interest in standing with us and you'll need to stand on our side with us. We reserve the right to deny anyone just trying to get some free tickets with no interest in supporting the team in our way.
2. From this I'll make a list of names for both Orange Legion supporters and Nordecke supporters and leave it at the main ticket booth.
3. At the game, you'll have to print out the correct ticket voucher (either Orange Legion or Nordecke voucher) and present valid identification where this will be matched to the list. Make sure to get there by 6:45 or earlier as I'll likely take care of most of this at the gate and I cannot guarentee that others will let you in with the vouchers. After 6:45 I'll likely be in the section.
4. Have fun.

IF YOU DO NOT SEND ME YOUR NAME AND INFORMATION AT theorangelegionnaire@live.com, YOU WONT BE ON THE LIST, AND YOU WONT GET THE DISCOUNT WITH THE VOUCHER ALONE. You'll have until 1 p.m. Wednesday May 26th to give me your information.

Orange Legion supporters voucher:

Nordecke/Crew supporters voucher:

Print, cut out, and present at gate with identification.


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