6/6/2010: Dayton Dutch Lions tie FC London 1-1, Denied Second Goal

Sunday, June 6, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

Picture by Jacq Roos

Dayton Dutch Lions tie FC London 1-1, Denied Second Goal
By Ryan Kozlowski

DAYTON, OH- The Dayton Dutch Lions faced off against Forest City London on Saturday in a battle of the two remaining, undefeated PDL squads in the Great Lakes Division. Both teams would remain just the same, undefeated, as first half goals by Forest City London's Carl Haworth and the Dutch Lions George Davis IV wouldn't be followed by a winner.

The Forest City London squad came out of the gates early, showing no signs of fatigue after their 3-2 victory the previous night in Cincinnati against the Kings; As forward Carl Haworth would get on the scoresheet in the 6th minute when converted centerback Hans van de Haar could not deal with an awkward ball. Van de Haar tried to clear a hopeful FC London cross with a headed pass into the direction of a fellow Lion defender, 25 yards from goal; but, van de Haar's pass was intercepted by Haworth who raced 10 more yards, then chipped the ball over Dutch Lions keeper Oscar Moens for the 1-0 lead.

The Dayton Dutch Lions would shake off the early goal and get themselves back into the game with several solid opportunities thereafter. In the 9th minute, Bas Ent almost added another assist to his Dutch Lions resume when his perfect cross found Geert den Ouden just outside of the six yard box. However, Geert's glancing header was slightly mishit and the ball rolled past the FC London far post.

In the 11th minute, Julius Wille also had a chance when George Davis IV played Julius into a breakaway with a nice ball that Julius would strike a bit high, hitting the American football post. This would be a reoccuring theme, as in the 17th minute, the Dutch Lions center back Bruce Godvilet hit a perfect ball into Bas Ent's signature run's up the right side. Bas would shake his defender and then find Geert den Ouden's head again, this time den Ouden came much closer as he struck the American football crossbar just above the goal crossbar. For a moment there, den Ouden believed the ball had struck the goal crossbar and Geert looked to apply the finish on the rebound but the whistle had blown.

Around the 20th minute, the goal scoring opportunities would switch back into the Forest City London direction. Forest City would miss the first opportunity, a cross that found Haworth 10 yards out, but FC London's Haworth could not get around the ball. FC London would then find a lot of success with the over the top ball; as minutes later a FC London midfielder chipped a beautiful ball into rushing FC London forward, Scott Bibby, who had just Oscar Moens to beat, but Bibby was taken down by the Dutch Lions van de Haar. However, no penalty was called as the referee deemed that the FC London player tripped on the turf.

Forest City London decided if the over the top worked once, it may work again. Therefore, just minutes later, another FC London cross found an unmarked Forest City forward with a running lane straight to Oscar Moens. The Forest City forward chipped Moens and looked like he was about to put the Canadian visitors up 2-nil, but the goal post was working for the orange and denied Forest City a comfortable lead.

After the Dutch Lions survived a tough ten to fifteen minute stretch, they would counter with a brillant, methodical :45 seconds of offense as Hans van de Haar would power a header 30 yards to Bas Ent who was on a run; Bas would pass back to Geert who would work the ball into the middle to about 3 or 4 other Dutch Lions players, who were able to work it back out to Bas. Bas would then send another searing cross into the penalty area, as he found the head of George Davis IV who finished the flick well to put the Dutch Lions back on even terms at 1-1. The goal would be George Davis IV's second in two games, and Bas Ent's fourth assist in two games.

Both teams would calm down with the opportunities for a while after that, as the quality of both PDL sides would cancel each other out when both were more cautious with their play. Also, the second half was a bit more choppy and less free flowing, as both sides struggled to build a rhythm that would lead to a game winner.

The Dutch Lions however would find their rhythm late via the introduction of fresh legs, as the Dutch Lions made some opportune switches and looked to have their winner in the 86th minute. As a free kick by Hans van de Haar was allowed to bounce inside the six yard box. The van de Haar cross and nice bounce was met by an onrushing Eddie Hertsenberg, who got his head to the ball when it came back off the turf and was able to flick the ball past the keeper. The Dutch Lion fans and players started to celebrate a sure 2-1 victory, but this celebration would be cut short when the linesman raised his flag for a questionable offsides call. After that both teams looked cosigned to accept their 1-1 fate.

Nevertheless, the Dayton Dutch Lions will look to get back on winning terms at home against the Toronto Lynx, next Saturday (June 12th) at 7:30 p.m.. Forest City London has beat Toronto twice by 3-0 scorelines and the Dutch Lions are expecting, with hardwork, to do the same to hopefully jumpstart a string of victories in the PDL and U.S. Open Cup competition.


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