6/24/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Cincinnati Kings Review- Luck Draw For Cincinnati Kings As Dutch Lions Command Game

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

The crowd at the Cincinnati Kings game was 75% percent Dutch Lions to cheer on the boys, the Dutch Lions played their best 60 minutes of soccer to date as a gift for the support.

6/24/2010: Dutch Lions vs. Cincinnati Kings Review- Luck Draw For Cincinnati Kings As Dutch Lions Command Game
By Ryan Kozlowski

There's a saying in soccer that would ring true for tonight's Dutch Lions match: "It's sometimes better to be lucky than good."

The Dayton Dutch Lions (4-1-5) came into Cincinnati (5-4-2) tonight looking for a much needed three points. Three points would've helped the Dutch Lions chase down the Chicago Fire PDL squad, who currently lead the Great Lakes Division on 22 points at a 7-2-1 record. For the first 70 minutes the three points looked like a forgone conclusion for the Dutch Lions; as the Dutch Lions went up 2-0 by the 54th minute off of two superb goals from Geert den Ouden. The Lions controlled the tempo, the ball, and played smart defense for nearly the entire game. The Lions would also go close to making it 3-nil multiple times over the next ten minutes after their second score. But, in the last 25 minutes the Dutch Lions had to make a few substitutions and the game got a bit heated at times leading to a little loss in concentration. This loss of concentration, in turn led to Cincinnati creating two half-chances that surprisingly led to the ball in the back of the Dutch Lions net twice for a frustrating 2-2 tie.

The result left the Dutch Lions shaking their heads, as the first 65 minutes of tonight's game against the Cincinnati Kings was hands down the best minutes that the Dutch Lions played as a team all season. The Dutch Lions looked like champions against boys (as you'll see in the highlights upcoming).

The chances started early and often for the Lions. And, their good, composed possession led to a beautiful chance for Geert den Ouden in the 13th minute. As den Ouden took a touch off a nice pass and then scooted past a Kings
defender. Geert den Ouden's move also took the Kings keeper out of position and den Ouden slotted the ball home, 1-0 Dutch Lions 13th minute.

The Dutch Lions continued to take most of the possession and continued to pound the Kings over the next 15 minutes with many chances as the Kings couldn't deal with the Dutch Lion wing play. Around the 30th minute, Dutch Lion winger George Davis gave the Kings trouble that led to two free kicks near the penalty area for Julius Wille to try to cross in successfully. The Dutch Lions failed to convert these. But, for the rest of the first half opposite side winger Bas Ent gave the Kings a lot of difficulty as well. This led to a golden opportunity in the 40th minute, as Bas Ent juked two Kings defenders and found his way free into the Kings penalty area. Bas then chipped the keeper and just barely missed as his cheeky flick just rolled right of the post. A minute later Geert barely missed a similiar chance.

On the Kings side of the attack they would have to wait until the 44th minute for their first real chance. The Dutch Lions would go into the locker room unamused at their missed opportunities as the Lions should've been up 3-nil at this point, but luck wasn't on the Lions side in this Wednesday night fixture.

Nevertheless, the Dutch Lions did not get down on their missed opportunities and kept coming in the second half with wave upon waves of attack. This would lead to another goal in the 54th minute as a beautiful chip by George Davis found Geert den Ouden's foot in stride and Geert beautifully slotted it home.

The Dutch Lions looked full of confidence at this point up 2-nil and in total command of the Kings. Looking for the dagger in the Kings heart the Dutch Lions poured on the opportunities. As in the 57th minute, the Dutch Lions had a great chance to go 3-0 up as a Bas Ent cross found the head of Geert den Ouden but did not go in.

In the 60th minute, Bas Ent pulled his own number working his way in the box from the left side and striking a low shot with no angle at the keeper. Bas's shot would ping pong against each of the goalposts before flying out (Bas's cross may have crossed the line, check the highlights later). Then Bas, a few minutes later passed a ball that found the foot of Ivar van Dinteren who hit it and was denied by an excellent, goalline block save by the keeper. In the 66th minute yet another cross by Bas Ent found the head of Eddie Hertsenberg who was denied again by the Kings keeper who made an acrobatic save.

Certainly the Dutch Lions were just moments away from breaking this one open. But, luck was on the Cincinnati Kings side, and so was deja vu (if you remember the Dutch Lions first meeting against the Kings where they were up 3-1 and in command late just to end up with a 3-3 tie in the end). As in the 70th minute, against the run of play, the Kings got their breakthrough on the cornerkick as a half-header made it 2-1 for the home side.

The Dutch Lions would shake it off as a fluke goal and get back to work with a couple more opportunities to put the game away at 3-1. As the Lions would have a couple more close up free kicks, followed by a George Davis pass that rolled helplessly across the six yard box with no recipent on the end of the opportunity.

With the clock ticking down, it felt as if the Cincinnati Kings didn't have it in them to salvage yet another point against the Dutch Lions. But, not so fast, as in the 86th minute, the Kings would pull off their second comeback in two games against the Dutch Lions. As a nice move by a Kings forward made the Dutch Lions defense scramble. This move was followed by a nice chip, similar to George Davis's from the week prior, that made it 2-2 as the Dutch Lions would go home with one point instead of a pivotal three.

The loss of the two points late makes the Dutch Lions matchup at home against the Chicago Fire this weekend absolutely pivotal. The game against the Chicago Fire will be basically a six point swing. The Dutch Lions will need to look to beat the Fire twice to try to get back to first place. The Dutch Lions have six regular season games to go, be there to cheer them on starting this Saturday at Bellbrook's Miami Valley South Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dutch Lions race towards the playoffs! If the Lions can play the first 65 minutes they played tonight, for 90 minutes, the Dutch Lions still have a good bet to accomplish their main goal of a PDL Championship this season.

Highlights will be upcoming tomorrow morning.


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