3/9/2010: What Should The Dutch Lions Theme Song Be?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Ryan Kozlowski

You'll Never Walk Alone Dutch Lions, Pretty Bubbles In The Air.

Many clubs in Europe have anthems that they come out of the tunnel to. All of their fans usually raise their scarves and go nuts singing an anthem as the players representing their city get ready to start the contest. The most popularly known version of this is Liverpool's "You'll Never Walk Alone." Another example is West Ham's "Forever Blowing Bubbles." If you had to pick an anthem for the Dayton Dutch Lions what would it be? And why?

Further, don't dismiss an idea because the song is corny or a love song; as can be seen in the PUMA Hardchorous youtube video, a set of supporters can make even a corny love song sound pretty damn terrific:

Share your ideas in the comments section here or with the other lads here on The Orange Legionnaire Forum.


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